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Glorify God with Your Body: Christian Sexual Ethics—Student Resources

Included in the links below are the readings resources needed for the course.

Readings for Course Meetings

Included on this page are readings for the course meetings of Glorify God with Your Body: Christian Sexual Ethics.

January 9- Moral Truth vs. Moral Relativism (Keith Stanglin)

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, Book 1.

Jan. 16- Purposes of Sex, and What Has Changed (Keith Stanglin)

J. Budziszewski, "The Natural Laws of Sex: What We Lose When We Forget What Sex Is for," Touchstone (Nov/Dec 2005).

Watch the Austin Institute video, "Economics of Sex."

Jan. 23- Jesus and Paul on Sexual Ethics (Jeff Peterson)

Jeffrey Peterson, "The Nuptial Vision of the Bible and Its Opponents," Journal of Christian Studies 1/2 (2022): 9–31.

Jan. 30- Sexual Mores and What It Means to Be Human (Carl Trueman)

Carl R. Trueman, "Plastic People, Liquid World," Journal of Christian Studies 1/2 (2022): 33–49.

Feb. 6- The Christian View of Homosexuality and Transgender Identity

(Keith Stanglin)

Keith D. Stanglin, "Christian Moral Reasoning and the Question of Homosexual Practice," Journal of Christian Studies 1/2 (2022): 65–80.

Paul R. McHugh, "Surgical Sex: Why We Stopped Doing Sex Change Operations," 

First Things (Nov. 2004).

Feb. 13- The Science of “LGBT” (DeAnn Stuart)

Jean C. Lloyd, "Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew about My Homosexuality," Public Discourse (Dec. 10, 2014).

"Transgender Research: Five Things Every Parent and Policy-Maker Should Know," The Institute for Research and Evaluation (Sept. 2022; rev. Nov. 2022): 1–9.

Robert P. George, "Gnostic Liberalism," First Things (Dec. 2016).

Feb. 20- Engaging Pro-“LGBT” Arguments (Keith Stanglin)

Luke Timothy Johnson, "Homosexuality and the Church: Scripture and Experience," Commonweal (June 11, 2007).

"5 Questions on Sexuality and LGBTQ" (scroll down to "On Sexuality" and click "View Resource")

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