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Back Issues of JCS

A sample article from each issue of the Journal of Christian Studies is available digitally without charge. Be sure to subscribe to the journal for additional—can't miss—content! Subscriptions begin with the forthcoming issue. A full article from each issue is included below.

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Volume III/2: The Book of Revelation

Allan J. McNicol (Austin Graduate School of Theology, retired; Center for Christian Studies), "The Significance of the Apocalypse." 

Ben Witherington III (Asbury Theological Seminary), "The Book of Revelation: What It Is Meant to Be and What It Is Meant to Do."

Garrett Best (York University), "The Old Testament in the Apocalypse of John: Revelation and Ezekiel."

Justin M. Rogers (Freed-Hardeman University), "The Rhetoric of Religious Compromise: Early Judaism, 'Balaam,' and 'Jezebel' in the Apocalypse of John."

Keith D. Stanglin (Center for Christian Studies), "Worthy of Worship: The Deity of Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation."

Jan Fekkes III (Fuller Theological Seminary), "Scorched Earth Warfare in the Book of Revelation and The Lord of the Rings."

"In Other Words..."

JCS 3.1 Cover.png

Volume III/1: Theology and Practice of Singing

Darryl Tippens (Pepperdine University), "The Church Born in Song: Toward a Sacramental Theology of Congregational Singing" 


Darren T. Williamson, (Northwest School of Discipleship), "Singing as a Spiritual Discipline."


Karen B. Westerfield Tucker, (Boston University School of Theology), "'The Tuneful Art to Captivate a Human Heart': Song and Singing in the Methodist/Wesleyan Tradition."

D. J. Bulls (Glenwood Church of Christ), "Jorgenson and His Contemporaries: A Select History of Hymnals in Churches of Christ."

R. Mark Shipp (Independent Scholar), "'Congregational Song Is in Trouble': What Makes a Good Hymn?"

"In Other Words..."

JCS II-3 cover.png

Volume II/3: Ministry and Ordination

Devin Swindle (Harding University), "Calling All Ministers."



Steve Cloer (Harding School of Theology), "Nurturing Pastors: A Modern-Day Job Description for Elders."


Keith D. Stanglin (Center for Christian Studies), "Apostolic Succession as a Means to an End."

Brad East (Abilene Christian University), "The Fittingness of Holy Orders."

Anthony Rosselli (Ohio Dominican University), "Catholics and the Priesthood of All Believers."

"Partners: A Word from Elders' and Ministers' Wives."

"In Other Words..."

JCS 2.2 Cover.png

Volume II/2: The Church and the Polis

David C. Innes (The King's College, NYC), "Christian Civic Duty and the idea of Citizenship."



Jason Jewell (Faulkner University), "The Christian Imperative of Political Decentralization."


James R. Rogers (Texas A&M University), "Cultural Christianity and the Moral 'Prisoner's Dilemma' Facing American Churches."

A. Scott Bledsoe (Lipscomb University), "Belief, Belonging, and Affective Polarization: An Exploration into Contemporary American Evangelicalism."

"In Other Words..."

JCS 2.1 FC.png

Volume II/1: The Ten Commandments

Jordan J. Ballor (Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy), "Reconciling Virtues and the Decalogue: Zacharias Ursinus (1534–1583) on the Ethical Teachings of the Heidelberg Catechism."


Harold Shank (Global Christian Studies and Network 127), "The Decalogue and Justice for Children: the Value and the Vulnerability of Children."


R. Mark Shipp (Independent Scholar), "The Sixth Commandment: To Kill or Not to Kill."


Keith D. Stanglin (Center for Christian Studies), "The Ten Commandments for New Testament Christians."


"In Other Words..."

Volume I/3: The Art of Dying

J. Todd Billings (Western Theological Seminary), "The Art of Dying."



Stephen D. Lawson (Lipscomb University—Austin Center), "Will They Know We Are Christians by Our Deaths?"


Gilbert Meilaender (Valparaiso University), "You Are Not Your Own: Christians and Euthanasia."


Mary L. Vanden Berg (Calvin Theological Seminary), "Dementia as Living Death and Defeated Enemy."

"Ministry in the Face of Death": Interviews with Ministers

"In Other Words..."

Volume I/2: Sexuality and Marriage

Jeffrey Peterson (Lipscomb University—Austin Center), "The Nuptial Vision of the Bible and Its Opponents."


Carl R. Trueman (Grove City College), "Plastic People, Liquid World."


Mary Eberstadt (Catholic Information Center, and Faith and Reason Institute, Washington, D. C.), "Unforeseen Consequences of the Sexual Revolution."



DeAnn Barta Stuart (Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture), "When Love Isn't Love."


Darren Williamson (School of Discipleship, Tigard, Oregon), "'Male and Female He Made Them': The Church and the Transgender Debate."


Patrick Fagan (Director of MARRI, the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, and editor of, Great Falls, VA), "Did You Know...? Some Social Science Data on Sexuality."

"In Other Words..."

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