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"What a blessing! This CCS video series is just what we needed. Biblically grounded, thoughtfully presented, and professionally produced, the series was just right for our group study."

Benny Tabalujan, church elder and director, Klesis Institute, Melbourne, Australia.

Available Video Courses

Church subscriptions allow access to our entire video collection for 12 months. Every church member may access the collection any time, 24/7.

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Glorify God with Your Body: Christian Sexual Ethics January 9-February 20, 2023
Available video courses

“What is your church doing to help equip its Bible class teachers?”  If the answer is “nothing,” then why is that?  Churches often don’t provide the resources because it’s hard work, and most don’t know where to turn for reliable and faithful teaching.

The Center for Christian Studies is producing video series for the specific purpose of helping believers move on, as the New Testament puts it, to adult food (1 Cor. 3:1-2; Heb. 5:12-14) and to maturity of understanding and knowledge (1 Cor. 14:20; Eph. 4:11-16).

The best thing a church can do to provide the needed resources right now is to subscribe to the CCS video library.

What sets the CCS resources apart?

            • Reliable information: CCS learning modules are taught by teachers who are true experts on the topics they are presenting.  To put it plainly, these teachers have advanced degrees in the relevant field from accredited universities, and they teach or have taught regularly in higher education.  CCS teachers are true scholars.  The presentations are original and the information the teachers provide is reliable—not something they found on an internet search.

            • For the church: In addition to being top-notch scholars with academic credentials, CCS teachers are devout believers who love God and the church.  These topics are not merely for academic interest.  They are chosen and taught in such a way to help strengthen faith and help disciples grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

            • Orthodox but non-denominational: Although they value their own ecclesial connection to the Churches of Christ, CCS teachers do not have a denominational ax to grind.  These videos are informed by Scripture and by the many important voices throughout the historic Christian tradition.

            • Variety of uses: These videos can be used for teacher training in churches or as a basis for classes and study groups for any Christians who want to enrich their knowledge of their faith.  They can even be used by individuals or families.  Each video is about 20 to 30 minutes long.  Videos are accompanied by discussion questions, readings, and sometimes activities and assignments, enabling students to pursue their learning as far as they want to take it.

            • Accessible and affordable: These videos are intended primarily for interested believers who have had no advanced training in the topics presented.  The videos are easy to access.  Churches can affordably subscribe for the use of an entire congregation.

A Church Subscription provides access to the entire CCS video library for 12 months.  Licensing is provided for all church members, so subscription rates are based on the size of the congregation.  Individuals or families may also subscribe to individual series for 12 months, with licensing for up to 6 viewers.

We are continuing to develop our video content. In addition to our current courses, we will be offering courses on the following topics in the coming year::

  • Biblical Archaeology 

  • Story of the New Testament

  • History of Churches of Christ

  • Faith and Reason

  • Christian Worship

Churches with a valid subscription will have access to all the new series as they become available. 

And CCS will not stop with these learning modules.  The goal is to build the best video library for equipping disciples in their understanding of Christian faith and practice.

So when someone asks, “What is your church doing to help equip Bible class teachers and church members for growth in knowledge and understanding?” have something to say.  Talk to your church leaders about making these video resources available to your church.  Start getting the training and preparation you need to deepen your knowledge of the faith and pass it on to others in your home, your congregation, and your neighborhood.

See sample videos at our YouTube channel.

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