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Scholarship for the Church

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CCS in San Antonio: Enhancing Your Church's Education Ministry

What is your church doing to ensure it faithfully passes on the Christian faith to the next generation of believers? What programs does your church have in place to equip Bible class teachers and others to better understand, practice, and pass on the Christian faith? How do you find resources to enhance the education ministry of your church?


Join the CCS team at MacArthur Park Church in San Antonio on Thursday, April 25, from 11:45 to 1 PM, to learn about resources available for improving your education ministry. Lunch and free CCS material provided. RSVP to attend.

Click here to RSVP!

Qualified Instructors

Our teaching staff have attained the highest academic credentials and have taught in higher education for many years.

Accessible Education

With the rising cost and inaccessibility of graduate study, seminary degrees and continuing education have become out of reach for many ministers. CCS offers the quality education without the cost.

Scholarship for the Church

CCS exists to serve the church at large as well, with material such as bible class curricula, basic introductions to Christian faith and practice, and a journal for deeper exploration of the Christian faith.

See how CCS can serve you and your congregation's educational needs today:

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