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Areas of Study

The Center for Christian Studies is focused on equipping churches, church leaders, and individual Christians to serve the Kingdom more faithfully. 

CCS exists to equip churches and church leaders in five main areas of study:

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Theological Understanding

Deeper knowledge of divine matters comes through interaction with the history and tradition of Christianity and through reflection on the intellectual challenges of our day.

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Ethical Living

As a people called to be in the world but not of it, we engage the world through the art of living well and the practice of the virtue of love for God and neighbor.


Biblical Literacy

Scripture is the primary authority for faith

and practice. The Bible is the written word of God, the inspired revelation of who God is and what he has done to redeem his good but fallen creation.

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Spiritual Formation

Discipleship involves the cultivation of Christian virtues and the fruit of the Spirit, the application of these disciplines in one’s life, and a commitment to

proclaiming the gospel.

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Thoughtful Worship

The renewal of worship includes retrieving the theology and practices of the historic church

in a theologically sensitive way for our time.

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