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CCS faculty are available to come to your church and teach in a variety of settings—from classes and sermons intended for the whole church, to equipping seminars and workshops directed to more specialized groups. These sessions are designed to challenge believers to grow in knowledge and to inspire them for faithful living.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Baptism

  • Understanding the Bible

  • New Calvinism and Arminian Alternatives

  • Theology and Practice of Worship

  • Persecution and Martyrdom in the Early Church and Today

  • Understanding Your Christian Neighbors

  • Ethical and Social Issues

  • Sexual Ethics

  • Philosophy for the Pew

  • Faith and Reason

  • Justice

  • Why We Sing What We Sing

  • How to Read the Bible: Then and Now

  • Restoration Movement

  • Distinctives in Churches of Christ

  • Assurance of Salvation

  • How to teach the Bible

  • Surveys or deep study of any individual books of the Bible 

  • Any topics in doctrine and Christian history (from the early church to today)

Ask how CCS can help equip your church and its teachers to understand their Christian faith and articulate it effectively to others.

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