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A Study of Ecclesiastes

Why are we here? What is life all about? Why is life filled with so much frustration and futility? These are the sorts of questions that the Teacher of Ecclesiastes examines as he tries to set forth what is truly significant in life. Set within the wisdom tradition of ancient Israel, Ecclesiastes is an important and challenging book that deserves close examination.

Written both for Bible class settings and personal study, The Search for Significance looks at Ecclesiastes in detail, and shows how this ancient text remains incredibly relevant for God’s people today, and has much to teach us about wisdom, priorities, and what really matters in life.

Praise for The Search for Significance:

“Qoheleth says, “Of the making of books, there is no end” (Ecclesiastes 12:12). In this case, we are grateful because Luke Dockery has produced for the church a resource that is exegetically sound and theologically rigorous with a strong emphasis on the text’s contemporary significance and applicability. Studying the book of Ecclesiastes forces us to ask the big questions about the ultimate meaning of life. This resource will be a blessing to your church class, small group Bible study, or individual devotional time.” — Garrett Best, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Bible, Chair of the Bible Department, York University

“Luke Dockery has put together a very fine resource that makes the message of Ecclesiastes accessible for Bible class teachers and church members. Dockery highlights how Ecclesiastes faces the harsh realities of life with a call to enjoy God’s everyday gifts and to fear God. In a world searching for significance, these are things that matter. This book is well organized with discussion questions along the way and “discipleship prompts” that challenge readers to implement the spiritual insights.” — Dave Bland, Ph.D, D.Min, Professor Emeritus, Harding School of Theology

“Luke does a masterful job of laying out the framework and heart of an oft-overlooked book such as Ecclesiastes. The manner in which he masterfully provides sound exegesis and explains in terms to be understood by teen to adult, seasoned believer to unbeliever, and all in between makes this a needed resource. I especially appreciate the “A Closer Look” and “Discipleship Prompt” sections included in the resource. I highly recommend churches and/or small groups add this to their curriculum.”

— Antwan D. Brown, Senior Minister, Chapel Hill church of Christ, Macon, Georgia

“In The Search for Significance, Luke Dockery provides an accessible study of the book of Ecclesiastes while offering penetrating insights. Dockery pays attention to the text, opening a window to the ancient world for a contemporary audience. At the same time, he remains aware of the contemporary scene, bridging the gap between the two horizons with grace and skill. Complete with “closer looks” and “discipleship prompts,” this project is designed for personal study as well as the Sunday school curriculum. I highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to deepen their faith, widen their understanding of Scripture, and challenge the idols that constantly seek first place in our lives.” — Nathan Guy, Ph.D., Preaching Minister, West Side Church of Christ, Searcy, Arkansas

“The book of Ecclesiastes offers so much relevant wisdom for today. It is a book of the Bible everyone needs to study and understand. Unfortunately, it’s also a book many are hesitant to read. Luke has done a masterful job of writing a curriculum that will help Bible class teachers introduce people to this life-changing wisdom. I can’t wait to share it with the teachers in my congregation.” — Wes McAdams, Preaching Minister, the church of Christ on McDermott Road, Plano, Texas; Host of the Radically Christian Bible Study Podcast

Meet The Author

Luke backyard close.JPG

Luke Dockery


In addition to his work with Regnum Media, Luke serves as the Youth in Family Minister at the Cloverdale Church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas, and has been serving in this role since June 2019. He loves teenagers, and is devoted to helping them become mature and lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

Luke and his wife, Caroline, met at Harding University, and have three children: Kinsley, Seth, and Cora. Luke and Caroline married in 2006 and moved to Northwest Arkansas, where he served as the Associate Minister of the Farmington Church of Christ for 13 years before coming to Cloverdale. In that role, he worked in youth ministry and also adult education.

In addition to being a graduate of Harding University, he also received his Master of Divinity degree from Harding School of Theology in 2018.

Luke also serves as an Adjunct Instructor of Youth Ministry at Harding, and spends a lot of time investing in ministry students and younger ministers.

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