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Encountering God's Transformative Power

The Bible tells the story of God's transformative grace, with his calling of Abraham and Israel, and culminating in the life-giving and life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. Today, fewer and fewer people know the story of the Bible and the life that it offers to Jesus' disciples. And this lack of knowledge extends to the central practices of the church: baptism, the assembly, and the Lord's Supper. CCS' latest video course offering, taught by Dr. John Mark Hicks, is aimed at addressing this situation with an in-depth, but accessible, study of these "transforming encounters."

What does the Bible teach about baptism, the assembly of worship, and the Lord’s Supper?  They are important commands to be followed, yes, but they are so much more.  Through these means, God graces his people with his special presence, and, in these encounters, they are transformed.

In this brand new series of videos, Transforming Encounters,” John Mark Hicks guides viewers through the entire biblical story of redemption, tracing the significance of baptism, assembly, and the Lord’s Supper through the history of Israel, Jesus Christ, and the church.

This series will help Christians better appreciate the depth of meaning in these common but central practices of God’s people.


“Transforming Encounters”

  • Episode 1. What Are Transforming Encounters?

  • Episode 2. Israel Baptized into Moses in the Cloud and Sea

  • Episode 3. Israel Assembled in God’s Presence

  • Episode 4. Israel Ate with God at Tables

  • Episode 5. Jesus was Baptized with Sinners in the Jordan

  • Episode 6. Jesus Assembled with Israel

  • Episode 7. Jesus Ate with People at Tables

  • Episode 8. Disciples Are Baptized in Water and Spirit

  • Episode 9. Disciples Assemble around Word and Table

  • Episode 10. Disciples Eat with Jesus at the Table

  • Episode 11. God Liberates and Incorporates through Baptism

  • Episode 12. Disciples Enjoy God and Each Other through Assembling

  • Episode 13. Disciples Commune with God and Each Other at the Table


Like our other video series, “Transforming Encounters” comes with a set of discussion questions for each episode.

This video series was created in conjunction with Hicks’ book, Transforming Encounters.  The videos and book can be used effectively alongside one another or independently.  Both are excellent resources for congregations, small groups, classes, or individual study.

Subscribe to the Center for Christian Studies videos to get access to this new series and the entire collection of premium video content.  Churches that start a new subscription to the Center for Christian Studies video collection can get 25% off with this code VIDEOS25 at checkout.  Each subscription comes with a free 7-day trial.


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