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How Should We Then Teach?

The Bible is the primary authority for the faith and practice of the church, and because of that, teaching the Bible is one of the most important works of the church. Often, though, churches struggle to find teachers, and too often new teachers are pressed into the classroom with little or no help in developing good teaching skills.

How should I approach the Bible when preparing to teach a class? What does a good discussion class look like, and how does it differ from a lecture class? How do I encourage discussion, and how do I guide it? What kinds of questions do I ask? How do I deal with difficult questions and texts? What are the "nuts and bolts" of a Bible class?

All of these questions are important, and also very intimidating to a new teacher. What resources are available to equip new teachers with the skills, habits, and disciplines they need to develop their teaching gift?

The Center for Christian Studies' latest video course, Teaching Bible Classes, is now available with our video subscriptions. In this series, Keith Stanglin and Todd Hall provide a solid foundation for the church's development of Bible class teachers. A central part of the mission of CCS is equipping "teachers of teachers," and we are excited to make this course available to church leaders and teachers.

You can view a preview of the course here. Teaching Bible Classes is included in our subscription service for churches, which are available today at a 50% discount. Be sure to subscribe soon to access all of our video collection!


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