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Launching the Center for Christian Studies!

Thanks to the hard work and generous contributions of many volunteers who share the mission of providing good biblical and theological resources for churches, the Center for Christian Studies officially launched on August 1, 2021. We didn’t quite go fully public until over a month later, but much labor was going on behind the scenes. I would like to highlight some of the already visible fruit of that labor so far.

There have been many “firsts” during the first three months of the Center for Christian Studies. In many ways, we hit the ground running. Associate Director Todd Hall created and launched our website,, and he continues to improve it as a means for informing others about CCS and for facilitating our content. The first video learning module of CCS Equip has also been released on the site. It is a course on Understanding the Bible, which includes twelve videos accompanied by study questions and handouts. Individuals and churches can subscribe to gain access to these videos and to the many more that will be coming in the future.

We are also proud to release the book, Renewal through Restoration: An Uncommon Call to Christian Discipleship. It is written by CCS friend, Benny Tabalujan, with contributions by three other authors, including CCS Board Chair, Allan McNicol. The book presents diverse perspectives on the call to authentic Christian discipleship. It was published by Klesis Institute, a ministry partner of CCS in Melbourne, Australia, and printed and distributed by CCS stateside. It is the first of many books that will be produced by CCS. Click on this link above to view videos discussing the book.

The first in-person CCS seminar was presented in San Marcos, Texas, on October 23. This seminar on ethics included two sessions—a general introduction to Christian ethics and a specific discussion of sexual ethics. I’m pleased that church leaders requested these topics. Clear thinking on Christian morality is needed now more than ever, and many churches have come to recognize the need.

Also, over these last four months (if I include July), I was able to travel to six different churches in four states to talk about CCS. Every church that I have seen—large and small—recognizes the need for a ministry like CCS and is happy to see us at work to make it happen.

The next few months will be critical to CCS. We continue to work hard to produce written and online resources. We also are trying to get the word out to churches and Christian leaders about how they can benefit from the resources we are providing. Consider subscribing to the video learning modules and to the Journal of Christian Studies, and asking your church to do the same.

Finally, I ask you to consider a tax-deductible gift to CCS. If you have given, thank you for your continued support of CCS as we work, with God’s help, to get this ministry off the ground. May our Lord bless and keep you.

Keith Stanglin


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