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Leading the Church in Tumultuous Times

Church leadership has always been a noble but challenging calling. There have been times throughout history when it seems that it was especially difficult to lead in churches. By all accounts, we are living through one of those periods, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdowns. Leading has been tough. I have seen an unscientific but large survey that shows that nearly half of ministers in Churches of Christ have considered leaving ministry since the pandemic started. I personally know many who have said the same thing.

The pandemic has amplified the challenge and revealed even more clearly the need for effective leadership in congregations. It also points to the urgency of identifying, retaining, and equipping the next generation of leaders.

To help address these needs, the Center for Christian Studies will be hosting a seminar in Austin, Texas, on “Leading the Church in Tumultuous Times.” Led by experts in congregational ministry, this conference offers hope, encouragement, and strategies for leaders who are looking for opportunities to strengthen their churches during these challenging times. This free seminar is for all present and potential church leaders—elders, ministers, deacons, small group leaders, and teachers.

We hope that present church leaders will make every effort to take advantage of this gathering. We also hope that each leader will tap a younger person on the shoulder—someone who will be leading the church in the next decade or two—and bring them along. The conference will help build community among leaders from different congregations and help encourage church leaders to strengthen the present and future spiritual health of their congregations.

The presenters include Jim Martin, Carson Reed, and Harold Shank—each a long-time minister and helper of ministers and church leaders. The day will end with a panel discussion that will be livestreamed on the CCS Facebook page.

To reserve your spot and lunch at this free seminar, RSVP here.

When: Saturday, January 29, 8:30 to 2:00

What: Theological and practical equipping for church leadership

Where: Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ, Austin, Texas (11908 N. Lamar Blvd.)

For whom: Church leaders, ministers, elders, deacons, teachers, small group leaders (present and potential), especially in Central Texas


8:30- Registration and Coffee

8:45- Worship

9:00- Jim Martin, “Hope Knows No Defeat: Practices for Strength and Courage”

10:00- Coffee break

10:15- Carson Reed, “Crisis or Opportunity: Framing the Church’s Life and Mission in a New Season”

11:15- CCS presentation

11:30- Lunch

12:30- Harold Shank, “Partnerships and Collaborations in Mercy as a Way to Strengthen Ministry”

1:30- Panel discussion (livestreamed on Facebook)

2:00- Dismissal


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