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Monte Cox Video Series on “Understanding Our Non-Christian Neighbors”

What do you know about non-Christian religions—not just extinct, ancient religions or those far away on the other side of the world, but the living religions of the people who reside in our cities and towns, work alongside us, and go to school with our children?  How do you engage them and their beliefs with the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Who do you turn to for reliable guidance in what can seem like a minefield?

For over 30 years, Monte Cox, dean of the College of Bible and Ministry at Harding University, has taught courses in comparative world religions.  About 15 years ago, during my tenure at Harding, I had the privilege of accompanying his class on their “field trip” to the Dallas area, where we visited Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, and Baha’í places of worship, observed their worship and prayer practices, and conversed with those present.  It was an eye-opening and memorable experience.  I saw firsthand that the knowledge gained by the thousands of students who have taken that course over the years is eminently practical, especially in an increasingly pluralistic and religiously diverse society.

Cox has made his best insights from years of research and teaching in this field available in his book Significant Others: Understanding Our Non-Christian Neighbors (Abilene: Leafwood, 2017).  And he has made his best insights from his book available in a series of videos on the topic.

Thanks to the cooperation of Monte Cox and Jason Fikes (ACU Press), the Center for Christian Studies is excited to announce that we are now hosting this video series in our streaming video collection.

In this series of 13 episodes, you will learn about the basic beliefs and practices of 10 non-Christian religions and how they compare and contrast with the Christian faith.  These videos help prepare Christians to understand and engage non-Christians with grace and truth.

As with all our video learning modules, “Understanding Our Non-Christian Neighbors” comes with discussion questions for use in classes and small groups.

Equip your church with video series that are informative, reliable, substantive, inspirational, and engaging.  For a limited time, CCS is offering a 25% discount on our video subscriptions for churches.  Use this discount code VIDEOS25 when you checkout.  A subscription, based on the size of the congregation, licenses all the church’s members to access the entire video collection, 24/7. 


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