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As God’s chosen people, the ancient Israelites regularly encountered God in rituals rooted in the memories of Passover, the exodus, and Mount Sinai. These practices of remembering God’s deliverance and presence were ultimately fulfilled in Jesus and passed on to the church. In Transforming Encounters, John Mark Hicks examines ancient Israel’s practices to show how God met and transformed Israel in these encounters. Today, through baptism, the worship assembly, and the Lord’s Supper, the church experiences God’s transforming power as she looks backward to her spiritual ancestors and forward as she awaits Jesus’s return.

This widely accessible, biblically-grounded study of baptism, the worship assembly, and the Lord’s Supper is ideal for Bible class settings, small groups, and personal study.


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ISBN: 979-8985474343.

165 pages.

Transforming Encounters: Baptism, Assembly, and the Lord's Supper

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