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Today the leadership of every church in our fellowship, whether large or small, rural or urban, is under fire and challenged to be what God has intended us to be. We were renewed in our commitment by the inspiring retreat session conducted with our leadership by the staff of the Center for Christian Studies. Bible scholars led pointed and interactive discussions in Scripture that reminded us of the essentials of our role, our impact on others, and the necessity of unity. Organized into a format that allowed for group discussion as well as individual reflection times, all material was presented in a no-nonsense, plain-spoken way. Our fire was lit once again!

Mike Chance, Elder

Leadership Development

The Center for Christian Studies recognizes the challenges faced by church leadership in this age. We provide various resources for church leaders in search of leadership and spiritual development. Contact us for more information or to schedule a CCS seminar or retreat tailored to your congregation's needs.

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CCS Leadership retreats

The Center for Christian Studies offers weekend leadership development retreats for church leaders—elders and ministers. The retreats focus on a range of topics intended to strengthen congregational leadership, including a "job description" for elders and ministers, spiritual development and discernment for church leaders, building trust and relationship between ministry staff and elders, and many more. 

Each leadership development workshop consists of three separate presentations and breakout group discussions.  They are designed especially for a Friday night through Saturday afternoon retreat.


Workshop 1: Encouragement in the Task of Leadership (this is a good introductory workshop, especially for leadership teams who are new to the retreat)

  • “Pursuing the Will of God Together” (Steve Cloer)

  • “How Leaders Can Stay Fresh and Alive through Challenging Times”

(Jim Martin)

  • “Unity and Maturity in Christ” (Keith Stanglin)


Workshop 2: Team Building (this workshop encourages a team ministry among ministers and elders and includes exercises for team building and trust building)

  • “Biblical-Theological Principles for Church Leadership Teams”

(Keith Stanglin)

  • “Principles for Team Building” (Steve Cloer)

  • “Principles for Trust Building” (Jim Martin)


Other workshops for congregational leadership development can be offered. Contact CCS for more details and to schedule a retreat.


Leadership Seminars

The Center for Christian Studies offers seminars for church leaders focused on their congregation's most pressing needs. Does your leadership need help in thinking through a particular issue or set of questions? Contact CCS and let us provide the resources you need.


Enhance your education team

The Center for Christian Studies provides resources for developing churches' education teams. Are you in need of deepening your teachers' understanding and practice of their faith and their ability to pass on that understanding to your congregation? CCS' video collection and live instruction are aimed at accomplishing this goal. Contact CCS for ways we can enhance your Bible class teachers' knowledge and abiliities.

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