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Books, Teacher Training, 501(c)(3), and More!

Good things have been happening at the Center for Christian Studies over the last three months. CCS began selling and distributing a number of books that are intended for use in churches. Along with Renewal through Restoration (by Benny Tabalujan), we are carrying Allan McNicol’s two popular books, Preparing for Baptism and Preparing for the Lord’s Supper, as well as Lord, Teach Us to Pray (a study of the Lord’s Prayer), and the perennial best-seller Things that Matter, an introduction to the Christian faith for today’s church. These books are all available for sale on our website, with discounts available for bulk purchases. So many churches and leaders have used these books in congregational and small group settings, and we hope these accessible materials will continue to benefit readers.

In February, CCS hosted a Table Talk on the topic of sexual ethics. Specifically, the group discussed the more and less effective ways that Christians have often presented the topic of sexuality to our own youth and adults—as well as to outsiders—and ways we can do better. Be watching your email for the announcement of our next Table Talk, coming this summer.

Our newest video learning module has been released. It is 14 video episodes on The Church’s Story: A Survey of Church History. The series presents some of the most important turning points in church history from the second century through the twentieth century. See some excerpts from this series on Church History at our YouTube Channel. And be sure to sign your congregation up for access to all the CCS videos. More video series will be coming soon, and our 70% off promotion will be ending soon.

In April, I began leading an 8-week teacher workshop for the Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ here in Austin. I have had the privilege of taking the Sunday morning adult Bible class teachers through the basics of teaching and biblical interpretation, with special focus on the biblical book being taught in the Sunday classes. Among other things, we have discussed the aims of Bible class, the role of a teacher, the nuts and bolts of a Bible class, and the concerns and anxieties that teachers face. It has been great to work with this group of dedicated teachers, who have varying levels of experience in the Sunday classroom. The goal is to move everyone up a notch or two in being a competent and confident teacher. Contact us to see how CCS can help your church education program through workshops and other enrichment opportunities.

On February 19, CCS received a determination letter from the IRS for official approval as a 501(c)(3) public charity. This means, among other things, that donations to CCS are recognized by the U.S. government as tax-deductible. Also, it is now easier to give to CCS from a Donor Advised Fund. Please consider ways that you can give to CCS and help us continue to get this ministry off to a great start!

Also, a reminder: JCS 1.2, on sexuality and marriage, will be shipping soon! Be sure to subscribe before it ships so you don't miss it!

Grace and Peace,



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