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CCS Live: Winter Course Announcement!

The Center for Christian Studies is pleased to announce its winter course offering: "Understanding Our Christian Neighbors." Join Keith Stanglin and CCS for a comparative study of the major doctrines of different Christian theological traditions, with a guest lecture on "Theological and Practical Ecumenism" from Carl Trueman. The course will meet weekly on Monday evenings from January 8 to February 19, 7:00–8:30 PM (CST).

Entry to the course is only $150/guest. As with our previous winter offering, a $50 discount is available for subscribers to the Journal of Christian Studies or First Things, and a $100 discount for those who subscribe to both. Additionally, zoom groups of 10 or more streaming from a single device may attend for $50 per attendee.

Those who filled out the survey at the end of the 2023 winter course will receive a $50 discount. Email to receive your discount code.

Course Description:

In our multicultural society, much has been made (rightly) of understanding our non-Christian neighbors. As a result of such focus, and perhaps also for the sake of greater Christian unity, we often fail to understand and appreciate the real differences that exist among those who call on Jesus Christ as Lord, and our Christian unity may be superficial or short-lived.

Why are there so many different Christian denominations, what makes them distinct, and what can these different groups learn from one another? What are the big ideas that divide churches, and what do the various churches hold in common? In this situation of division, what does it mean to confess that the church is “one” and “catholic”? How do Christians work toward unity, and what role do our “distinctions” play in ecumenical conversation? In what ways can the various Christian traditions “partner” with one another (e.g., with regard to moral and/or theological questions)?

The Center for Christian Studies will be offering a seven-week class on “Understanding Our Christian Neighbors,” led by Keith Stanglin, director of CCS. The class will address the major doctrines of Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Mainline Protestantism, and Protestant Evangelicalism. Differences and points of unity will be explored. The goal of the class is increased mutual understanding of the diversity and unity of the church.

Schedule (Monday evenings, Jan. 8–Feb. 19, 7:00–8:30 CST):

Week 1: Historical Unity and Diversity, Understanding and Assessing

Week 2: Major Christian Divisions

Week 3: Religious Authority

Week 4: God and Christ

Week 5: Human Nature and Salvation

Week 6: Church

Week 7: Theological and Practical Ecumenism (guest lecturer: Carl Trueman)


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