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Celebration of a Legacy: Launching the McNicol-Weed Endowment

The Center for Christian Studies (CCS) is pleased to announce the establishment of the McNicol-Weed endowment in honor of Allan and Patricia McNicol, and Michael and Libby Weed. The mission of CCS is to help Christians better understand, practice, and pass on their faith, to train teachers of teachers (2 Tim 2:2). We do this through publications, live seminars and classes, and online video courses that make biblical and theological learning more accessible to churches and church leaders.

The McNicols and Weeds have contributed four lifetimes of labor toward this mission. At CCS, we are continuing their legacy of scholarship for the church and passing on the Christian faith to the next generations. The McNicol-Weed endowment is established to ensure the continued legacy of the years of service of the McNicols and Weeds by securing the financial stability of the Center for Christian Studies toward the fulfillment of its mission.

CCS will host an official launch for the endowment, the Celebration of a Legacy event, on Sunday, October 23rd, 3 PM, at Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ in Austin, Texas. RSVP to join us as we celebrate their legacies of service to the Kingdom.

We invite you to partner with us in securing this legacy of scholarship for the church. Please consider honoring the McNicols and Weeds in providing a contribution to the endowment fund, and also consider becoming a continuing supporter of the Center for Christian Studies.

To partner with CCS online, click the "give to CCS" button and select the McNicol-Weed Endowment. Once there, choose an amount for a recurring donation or a special gift.

Should you wish to give by different means, mail to: Center for Christian Studies, 12407 N. Mopac Expy. Ste. 250-530, Austin, TX 78758, or contact either Keith Stanglin or Todd Hall.

Visit our endowment page to learn more about the teaching legacies of Allan and Patricia McNicol and Michael and Libby Weed, and to learn more about the endowment.


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