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Celebration of a Legacy: The McNicol-Weed Endowment Launch, recap.

On Sunday, October 23, the Center for Christian Studies (CCS) hosted “Celebration of a Legacy,” an event that helped launch the McNicol–Weed Endowment. Sixty-five supporters were present at this launch event in honor of Allan and Patricia McNicol and Michael and Libby Weed, three of whom were able to attend. You can view the gathering on our YouTube page, or at the bottom of this post.

Todd Hall, Associate Director, spoke about the goals of CCS and the many different activities and materials produced in our first year of operation to help fulfill these goals.

Three speakers offered reflection on the legacies left for the church by these faithful Christian servants. Charlie Johanson, the preaching minister at Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ, and a former student of Allan McNicol and Michael Weed, discussed how the guidance he received from the Weeds and McNicols continues to shape his ministry. Jeff Peterson, former colleague of Allan and Michael at Austin Graduate School of Theology, discussed ways in which Michael and Allan shaped his career as a young scholar. Jeff also explained how deeply his children were impacted by Patricia’s love for and teaching of great music, and by Libby’s kind dedication to the generations of school children she engaged in her decades of service at Brentwood Christian School. Becky Stewart, longtime friend of the McNicols and Weeds, and colleague with Libby at BCS, remembered the legacy of excellent education and church leadership they have provided over decades.

Keith Stanglin, Director of CCS, also spoke briefly about the propriety of honoring these four saints. They have contributed four lifetimes’ worth of labor toward the mission of scholarship for the church and passing on the faith to the next generation.

The McNicols and Weeds have been a big part of CCS from its beginning. They have recognized, as Keith Stanglin said, that "now is the time for the church to give more, not less, attention to Biblical, theological, and moral literacy and instruction.” Allan and Libby were founding board members of CCS and have provided both financial support and much labor in getting CCS off the ground.

We at the Center for Christian Studies are so grateful for the regular donors we have had up to this point that make our continued operation and growth possible. We are grateful that you recognize the need for a deeper knowledge of the Bible and the Christian faith in churches and that you catch the vision of what CCS is trying to offer in fulfillment of that need.

In addition to honoring the McNicols and Weeds, the endowment is being established to especially provide for the long-term sustainability and success of CCS, to have a cushion if times get hard, and to have some funds that we don’t need to use for day to day operations currently and thus can work for us as investment toward the future. In short, we are ensuring an enduring legacy of quality Christian education for the church.

This past summer, when we officially formed the McNicol–Weed Endowment Committee, we set a goal of raising $200,000 by the end of March, 2023. At present, we have raised $75,000, thanks to some very generous donors, nearly half of the goal.

We appreciate any intention to honor the Weeds and McNicols and to support the good work of the Center.

Of course, there are many ways to honor them, but we ask, if any of these four individuals have made a positive difference in your life, please consider a gift to CCS as one important and tangible way to honor them.

We can also accept gifts from Donor Advised Funds into our brokerage account, and we can even help—or get you in touch with someone who can—formulate a will or estate plan that reflects your faith values and priorities.


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