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Christian Sexual Ethics Course Recording Available!

From January 9th to February 20th, 2023, the Center for Christian Studies hosted a live course, both in person and via zoom, titled "Glorify God with Your Body: Christian Sexual Ethics," taught by Dr. Keith Stanglin and guest lecturers Drs. Jeff Peterson, Carl Trueman, and DeAnn Stuart. The course met weekly on Mondays, for an hour and a half, and was attended by over sixty people from a wide variety of Christian traditions.

CCS is pleased to make the recordings of this course available now via our video subscriptions, which are currently offered at a 50% discount for church subscriptions! Individuals can also purchase access to the course via annual subscription.

Be sure to watch your in box for upcoming live course offerings!

Here is the original course description:

Sexuality is perhaps the most controversial topic of our day—both in the broader culture and among Christian believers. The anti-Christian sexual revolution has come of age, permeating not only our society but also our families and churches. For this reason, responsible Christians would be wise to seek greater understanding of the relevant issues.

Every Christian and church leader is now facing a unique moment in history regarding sexual ethics. What is the Christian sexual ethic? How is that ethic “good news” for the world? How has the world changed, and how is the culture we live in affecting all of us in ways we don’t realize? How should we articulate the good news of the church’s ethic to our churches, our neighbors, and to those who disagree? These are questions that cannot be avoided. Join us as we dive deeply into the church’s beautiful teaching regarding human sexuality and its place in human flourishing.

The Center for Christian Studies will be offering a seven-week class on “Christian Ethics of Sexuality,” led by Keith Stanglin, director of CCS. Throughout the course, he will be joined by various guest speakers who are experts in their respective topics.

Topics to be addressed include moral relativism, what Scripture teaches about sexuality, modern challenges to Christian sexual ethics, the Christian view of homosexuality, engaging pro-“LGBT” arguments, and the Christian vision of sexuality. Participants will be provided with reading materials prior to each class meeting.


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