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Coming soon: Video Series on Sexual Ethics

For a host of reasons, many churches and Christian leaders are reluctant to teach about sexual morality. It is a sensitive topic, and addressing it can be awkward at best or controversial and even dangerous at worst. No one wants to cause unnecessary offense, so, instead of walking on eggshells, it seems easier to avoid the area altogether.

But sexuality is a central element of human experience, and the gospel brings "good news" about human sexuality—reminding us of the beauty of human sexuality when practiced as in keeping with how our Creator designed us. We therefore do our fellow Christians and our children a disservice by ignoring this important subject. At the same time, it's hard to find a trustworthy resource that teaches about Christian sexuality in a way that is biblically faithful and understandable.

That's why the Center for Christian Studies is now working on a video series to help fill the gap. It's designed to equip Christians to think positively about sexuality and to address the challenges raised by our present culture. Like CCS's other videos, it can be used in church adult or youth classes, as well as in small group discussions or by individuals and their families.

Check out the short teaser above for the first episode, and let us know what you think.

Learn more about our available and forthcoming videos here.


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