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In Memoriam: Libby Weed

It is with great sadness that the Center for Christian Studies announces the passing of one of our inaugural board members, Mary Elisabeth “Libby” Weed. Libby’s life in this world was a demonstration of character formed by the grace of Christ. She was the very image of gentleness, kindness, patience, and wisdom. Libby was a remarkable Christian through whom the love of Christ was made manifest. When someone remarked to her husband, Michael, how kind and beautiful Libby was, he would laugh and say, “Do you know how hard it is to be married to a saint?” Libby was indeed a saint. And she was an immeasurable blessing to her congregation, the Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ, as well as to Brentwood Christian School, and she has been instrumental in the development and guidance of the Center for Christian Studies.

Libby was dedicated to education. She completed an MA in English Literature and a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of Texas at Austin, and she used this training to great effect in writing, teaching, and administering Christian education. She and her husband Michael co-authored the Bible Handbook: A Guide for Basic Bible Learning, and she edited the Read ‘N’ Grow Picture Bible, as well as many curriculum guides for Bible school instruction.

For thirty years, Libby served as the principal of Brentwood Christian School. In this capacity, she demonstrated both the intellectual ability and the demeanor of an outstanding Christian educator. Libby absolutely loved children, and this was always evident in her treatment of those under her care.

My (Keith's) children never had Libby as a principal, but as we got to know her in other contexts (see picture below, with my daughter), I always thought that she must be the perfect exemplar of an elementary principal.

I (Todd) can remember one time visiting Libby at her office at Brentwood and seeing several children lined up outside her office door. Her assistant explained to me that it would be a few minutes before Libby could see me, because these children had come to have Mrs. Weed pull their teeth. She was the official tooth-puller at Brentwood elementary—all the kids knew that Mrs. Weed was the most gentle of all.

Libby was also very interested in and concerned with the education of churches. Her husband, Michael, taught theology and ethics at the Austin Graduate School of Theology for nearly forty years, alongside CCS’ board chair, Allan McNicol, and Libby was deeply involved with Austin Grad as well.

In 2021, Libby’s dedication to Christian education took a new turn when she, along with the other CCS board members, embarked on launching the Center for Christian Studies. She was instrumental in developing the mission and scope of the Center, and it is no exaggeration to say that CCS would not exist without her dedication and loving, wise counsel. We are grateful for the time, energy, and absolute dedication that Libby put into CCS.

Libby’s time in this life was well spent. Together with Michael, she raised a beautiful family, with faithful children and grandchildren who understand the love of Christ because Libby was the embodiment of that love. Libby leaves this world a better place, and we grieve, with all of Libby's family and loved ones, in hope. We commend her, without reservation, to the God that she loved so deeply.

Libby’s obituary is available here.

Libby has asked that memorial contributions be made to the Center for Christian Studies, Brentwood Christian School, the Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ, and Gilbert & Sullivan Austin. We invite you to view the video of the launch of the McNicol-Weed Endowment to learn more of Libby’s contribution to the Kingdom.


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