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New Video Course Available!

What do Christians believe? Well, perhaps there’s no telling what the average Christian believes about anything. But what should Christians believe, or, better, what does Christian theology have to say about the doctrines of the faith? This is a question that unfolds into many more questions that are central to Christian identity, but, despite the importance of these questions, many of the faithful have not thought much about the content of their faith. We may have a specific belief or opinion about this or that controversial or hot-button issue, because these are usually the ones that occupy us on a daily basis. But what about the big, foundational questions? Too often, we ignore these and wouldn’t even know where or how to start.

To help fill this gap, the Center for Christian Studies is releasing a brand new video learning module on “Introducing Christian Theology,” presented by Stephen Lawson (PhD, Saint Louis University), formerly of Austin Graduate School of Theology. In this series of eleven videos, Lawson examines some of those big topics: God, Christ, human beings, salvation, last things, and much more.

Lawson’s approach to the classic topics of systematic theology is biblical and historical. He offers helpful introductions to each subject and presents the various emphases and range of options that Christians have taught through the centuries, inviting viewers to think for themselves.

Reflection on these theological topics is a necessary aid to reading and better understanding Scripture, and it provides a holistic context for thinking about our relationship with God and living out our faith.

As with other video learning modules provided by CCS, this series includes discussion questions and links to readings for further engagement and digging deeper. This series will be informative and inspiring for you and your fellow church members, or for a small group study.

Check out this and all of our video courses on our website.

Right now, churches can subscribe to the CCS video library, including this series on Introducing Christian Theology, at a 50% discount. Be sure to use the coupon code VIDEOS23 at checkout to receive the discount!

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