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Introducing the CCS Fellows

People sometimes ask me what distinguishes the Center for Christian Studies from other organizations and their products.  After all, there are tons of other videos and reading materials out there with something to say about any topic you can imagine.  So it’s a fair question. 

One of the many unique features I point to is summed up in what has been an important motto to the Center for Christian Studies: “Scholarship for the Church.”  This phrase summarizes the quality and content of the resources we produce. 

First, scholarship reflects the reliability of the resources.  All of our resources—books, journal articles, video learning modules, live instruction, and podcast conversations—are original creations, written and edited by people who are not just interested amateurs who have read a few articles on the subject, but people who are true experts in the field.  Subscribers can trust the accuracy of the information provided by CCS.  The people behind these materials not only have thought deeply about these subjects, but they have also taught effectively for many years in institutions of higher education.  What Aristotle said at the beginning of Metaphysics (I.1) is generally true: A sign of having true knowledge is that one can teach well.  As such, CCS’ academic legitimacy has been undeniable.

Second, these materials, grounded in the highest academic standards, are for the sake of the church.  Our pursuit is not merely academic.  CCS is a church-facing ministry.  We are here to “equip the saints for work of service, for the upbuilding of the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12).  Our resources are beneficial for anyone who leads congregations and are accessible to anyone who seeks greater understanding of the Christian faith.

Scholarship for the church has always set us apart from the herd.

As an extension of our continuing commitment to scholarship for the church, we are excited to announce the Center for Christian Studies Fellows: Jeremie Beller, Garrett Best, Alex Fogleman, Ben Peterson, Jeff Peterson, Mark Powell, Mac Sandlin, and Carl Trueman.

These select scholars are experts in their respective academic fields but also teachers and writers in their congregational contexts, for the sake of the church.  In a sense, to name these Fellows simply makes official and expands what has been the case all along.  That is, you have already seen these particular Fellows contributing to CCS’ live events, journal articles, and podcast discussions.  You will continue to see them and other like-minded scholars partnering with CCS in various ways. We are grateful for the work of these excellent scholars and churchmen, and we look forward, in partnering with them, to bringing additional resources of scholarship for the church.


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