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Introducing the CCS Podcast: Theological Table Talk

As many of you know, since the fall of 2021, the Center for Christian Studies has been busy creating and publishing resources to equip churches and help Christians dig deeper in understanding and practicing their faith. I may be a little biased, but I think we have built a pretty impressive collection of materials to that end—the Journal of Christian Studies, multiple video learning modules, new books, and live classes, lectures, and seminars.

Although we continue to expand these offerings, one form that has been missing from our repertoire is a more informal and accessible way to communicate the same thoughtful and practical content that we have across these other media. We lacked a way to reach the people driving in traffic, working out, and mowing the lawn. But today we announce that the gap is being filled.

The Center for Christian Studies is excited to finally launch our podcast, Theological Table Talk. This official podcast of CCS is hosted by Todd Hall and me.

Its name, Theological Table Talk, is significant. First of all, it conveys the content, which is broadly theological. Some of it will overlap with topics found in the Journal of Christian Studies, but in a conversational and more laid back presentation. In some ways, such episodes will provide a supplement and helpful background for engaging the material in our journal issues and books. Other episodes, however, may have nothing directly to do with our other materials, but they will just be conversations we need or want to have. But it will all come back to theology (broadly conceived). (If you’re familiar with Martin Luther’s Table Talk, then you know how theological or non-theological such talk can be.)

Second, these conversations happen around a table—sometimes literally, usually metaphorically. No, you won’t hear us chewing, but the point is to get people around a table for genuine dialogue about things that matter. The table is meant to convey hospitality, and just as we invite experts and colleagues in to talk, we also want listeners to feel welcome around our table. And we invite listeners to suggest topics for future episodes.

Finally, we landed on this name because, to the best of our knowledge, it was not already in use on any podcast platform.

We are launching with five great episodes that include: an introduction to CCS and to the podcast, a wide-ranging interview with Carl Trueman, another interview with Mary Eberstadt, a discussion about Christian funerals, and a conversation with Luke Dockery and Kevin Burr about our new books published under our imprint, Regnum Media.

Listen and subscribe to Theological Table Talk for free through Spotify or Apple. The episodes are also available at the CCS YouTube page. Be sure to follow or subscribe so that you will be notified when new episodes are released.

Please help us get the word out by sharing the podcast page on your own social media. Take up and listen!


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