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New Video Course Available!

Biblical literacy is in steep decline in churches, even those traditionally committed to reading, understanding, and reflecting the Bible in their worship and ways of life. With the loss of Biblical literacy has come a concomitant loss of fidelity in both doctrine and practice, as American Christians become further and further distanced from the primary source of faith and practice for the church.

The Center for Christian Studies announces its newest video course, an introduction to the Bible and Old Testament from Dr. Todd Hall. The course is designed to be useful for newcomers to the Bible and also provide fresh insight for those more familiar with it. The course is an introduction to what the Bible is (and isn’t) and a survey of the Christian Old Testament, providing a sweeping view of the story of God’s interactions with his people from creation toward redemption. The goal of the course is to prepare Christians for deeper Biblical study and literacy by providing a solid foundation for understanding the story of the Old Testament and God’s plan for reconciliation.

You can subscribe to our video courses on the CCS website, and right now the subscription fee is 50% off when you use the coupon code VIDEOS23. As a reminder, we recently launched our small group/family subscription which enables access to the entire collection of CCS videos for only $150 annually. With the discount code, that price drops to $75 for a year. This is a limited time offer!

Visit our video course page or our YouTube page for excerpts!


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