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The Importance of Archaeology for Biblical Understanding

As all students of Scripture know, when we read the Bible, we step into a world very different from our own.  In the pages of Scripture, we encounter cultures from millennia ago, on the other side of the globe, with their foreign languages, concepts, and experiences.  Although the truth contained in Scripture is timeless and universal, the means through which it is communicated is time-bound and specific.  Sometimes we need interpretive aids to help bridge the chronological and cultural gap that separates us from the world of the Bible.

The modern discipline of archaeology is one of the best tools for bringing that ancient world to light and bridging the gap of understanding.  The point is not to prove divine inspiration of Scripture or even specific events recorded in Scripture, though it can provide corroborating evidence.  Instead, archaeology illuminates the biblical world and sharpens our understanding of the historical contexts of the biblical people, places, and events.  More accurate interpretation leads to more faithful understanding and application of those timeless truths.

The Center for Christian Studies is pleased to partner with Dale Manor in a new video series on the Archaeology of the Bible.  Manor, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology and Bible at Harding University, is eminently qualified for this task.  First, he is a trained and active archaeologist and scholar.  Among other degrees, he holds a Ph.D. in Syro-Palestinian Archaeology, he has worked at many different sites in Israel, and since 2000 he has been field director of Tel Beth-Shemesh, Israel. 

Second, Manor has served faithfully as a full-time minister and as a teacher who makes both archaeology and the biblical text come alive for students.  Manor embodies CCS’ motto, “Scholarship for the Church.” 

This new video series on Archaeology of the Bible, written and presented by Manor for CCS, is now available as part of our collection of video courses.  In these 10 episodes, viewers will learn about: the importance of archaeology, what it can and cannot do for biblical studies, archaeological techniques and challenges, and how it illuminates our understanding of various Old and New Testament texts.   

Like all of our series, it comes with a full study guide and discussion questions.  Take a look at our available videos here.

Equip your church with video series that are informative, reliable, substantive, inspirational, and engaging.  For a limited time, CCS is offering a 25% discount on our video subscriptions for churches.  Use this discount code VIDEOS25 when you checkout, or contact us for more information at  A subscription, based on the size of the congregation, licenses all the church’s members to access the entire video collection, 24/7.

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What a great addition to the growing library of video courses. Thanks for your continued service in the Kingdom of God!

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