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Things That Matter: A Guide to Christian Faith

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce, over the next few weeks, additional publications now available through the Center for Christian Studies. This week, we have been able to make available Things That Matter: A Guide to Christian Faith, edited by Michael R. Weed and Jeffrey Peterson, now in its third edition.

Things That Matter was originally written for Russian readers in 1991. It has since been published in several other languages including French, Croatian, Serbian, Telegu, Hindi, and Nepalese. The first American edition appeared in 1996 and has received a wide reception. Readers have reported its usefulness in such varied settings as classes in churches, Christian schools, and colleges, in ministries to seekers and new members, in campus ministry, hospital visitation, and prison ministry. The editors have intentionally kept the vocabulary and style as simple and straightforward as the subject matter permits.

The book is an excellent introduction to the Christian faith and a great addition to any church’s education ministry. Stay tuned for additional releases in the coming weeks!

You can purchase a copy (or bulk order with discount!) here.

Grace and Peace,

CCS Directors


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