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For 66 years, from 1958 to 2024, Harding School of Theology in Memphis has had a national and global impact, training over 1,800 graduates and 4,700 students. A large percentage of influential ministers, academic thought leaders, and innovative practitioners in Churches of Christ trace their roots back to HST. As the school prepares to transition to Searcy, Arkansas, in fall 2024, this collection of original essays celebrates the influence of HST in Memphis and looks to the future of theological education and missional leadership.


Contributors include: C. Leonard Allen, Grant Azbell, Carisse Mickey Berryhill, Garrett Best, Nathan Bills, Chris W. Buxton, Erika Carr, Steve Cloer, Craig Ford, Jim Harbin, Matthew D. Love, Dorn Muscar, Jr., Mark E. Powell, Carson E. Reed, Edward J. Robinson, R. Mark Wilson.


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Near the Banks of the River: Celebrating Harding School of Theology in Memphis

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